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Friday, June 25, 2010

Madison's Graduation and Bonita Boutique

A few times this year it seemed a little touch and go, but Madison did manage to graduate from Middle School this year. Woohoo! Miss Maddie is my honorary niece, the daughter of my BFF, Angela. When Maddie saw me making some cute tutu's for my much younger nieces she asked if I could make her one for her graduation. Flattered that she asked I was happy to take on the task. She let me know that she wanted a longer black and hot pink one.

In early May we were browsing a few fellow Merchant Mom sites looking for a cute shirt for Maddie to wear that would compliment the tutu. One of the sites we were looking at, Bonita Boutique, had the cutest onesie with a zebra print "1" applique. Yes, I said onesie as in a baby outfit. :D I emailed, Camila one of the owners of Bonita Boutique to ask her if she would be able to make a youth t-shirt using the same style and to make it a 1o. BTW, the 10 stands for 20-10, not 10 years old. LOL Well, Camila saved the day and created the cutest shirt that I'm sure Maddie will be wearing until she outgrows it... then we may have to frame it. :-)

Enjoy the pictures. Oh, I forgot to mention that Miss Maddie preferred to have a lace overlay skirt over her tutu. I personally preferred it without, but I'm not the one who was wearing it.


  1. OMG!!! that is so cute~ I love the tutu and the lace as well!

  2. Super cute! I like the lace for her age! I think she's super cute!!