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Friday, February 20, 2009

Pop-Top Can Surprise

Here's one of my favorite gift holders. My sister, Kat of Mama Kat's Playground
taught me how to do this.

Supplies Needed:

Pop-top can with a hard edge bottom (not round; I used a Chunky Soup can)
8 ½” x 11” Card stock or patterned paper cut to fit (for Chunky I used 4 3/4 “ x 11”)
Card stock to use for whatever stamping or designs you want on the can to decorate
Terrifically Tacky Tape®
Glue Dots or Dimensional Dots
Pampered Chef® can opener
Krazy Glue® Brush On
VersaMark® pad (or light colored ink pad)
Glue stick
Favorite stamp set
Favorite ink pads
Small cello bag
Rub-On’s (optional)
Two pieces of ribbon
Shredded Paper

Some Images © Stampin’ Up!

Step 1:
Open can with with the Pampered Chef® can opener from the bottom. Carefully pry off the bottom and enjoy the soup or put in a different container for later. Thoughroughly wash the can. I recommend letting it sit with some soapy water to help get rid of the food smell.

Step 2:

(Before starting this step, see Step 5 in case you want to stamp the cardstock going onto the can. Do this first)
Put three long pieces of Terrifically Tacky Tape on the paper. I HIGHLY recommend getting this tape specifically since it is the strongest tape I ever used. You can find it through DS companies like Stampin’ Up!, Michael’s or other retailers (including online) that sell scrapbooking supplies. Take off one piece of the red plastic at a time to make sure you attach the paper properly to the can. What I do is that off the first strip, carefully place it on the can and then before I take off the other strips I roll the can around the cardstock to shape the paper around the can. Then I go back and take of the second red strip and smooth the cardstock around the can and attach it. Repeat to completely attach the cardstock.

Step 3:

Take the VersaMark® pad and tap it onto the inside part of the bottom lid. Press it onto left over matching cardstock two times (Save one piece for the top; Step 4). Then cut around the outer ring and it will fit the bottom lid perfectly. Adhere with Terrifically Tacky Tape. Set aside bottom for later.

Step 4:

Tap the VersaMark® pad onto of the pop-top “thingy” and then take the 2nd cardstock piece from Step 3 that has the VersaMark® on it and press down on the top part. Cut out out of the pop-top pattern (see examples for how much). To adhere the top piece I didn’t use the Terrifically Tacky Tape®, instead I used a glue stick. I did this because I wanted to make sure that I had time to put the cardstock in place. If I had use the Terrifically Tacky Tape® I might not have had time since the tape is really sticky.

Step 5:

Take your favorite stamp set and stamp whatever you want to put on the can. If you want you can stamp the card stock you are going to be putting around the can. For this particular can I decided to do a funky design with Stampin’ Up!’s Delight in Life stamp set. I first stamped in black the outline all over my 8 ½” x 11” cardstock. I then went back and stamped the inside of the flowers with different colors of ink. To give my flowers a little different texture I put Stampin’ Up!’s Crystal Effects on to off them. I then set the card stock aside to dry (I let it dry overnight). More on the flowers I did in Step 8. If you are going to use Crystal Effects then I recommend you start here for Step 1.

Step 6:

Here’s an example of what you could put in as a surprise gift. For this example I added a keychain that I made. I’ve done in the past bath & body samples and gift cards. Whatever I give I try I put it in a cello bag. For this project I decided to put a couple of rub-on’s on the cello bag to make it extra cute. I put some shredded paper into the cello bag with the gift and then added a ribbon. Make sure and add the gift into the can so that the top part of the gift faces towards the pop-top. I then add a little bit more shredded paper on top of the cello bag. This will actually be the bottom of the can once sealed.

Step 7:

Take the bottom lid and use Krazy Glue® Brush-On to adhere the lid to the bottom of the can. The Brush-On gives you those extra seconds needed to secure the lid properly to the bottom. Hold the lid in place for a few seconds and it should be sealed tightly. It won’t look like the can was ever opened.

Step 8:

If you are making the flowers the same way as I did, I think they look cute if you pinch them a little bit to give them some extra dimentions. I used glue dots to place them all around the can and on the top as well.

Step 9:

You are finished! Here is a picture of the top of the can and another can that I did using designer baby and stickers from a Stampin’ Up! Scrappin’ Kit.