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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Givaway Featuring Lizzy Ford Books!

Well, it looks like once again I am posting few and far between... to host another giveaway in May.  When I sponsor The Great Diaper Cloth Hunt I like to showcase an additional giveaway for the hunters.  Remember if you are not already a hunter, its not too late.  Lots of great prizes to be won ... and a lot of them are not just for babies.

This time it is to showcase a giveaway that I am having for one of the authors that I do custom work for, Lizzy Ford of Guerrilla Wordfare.  I was contacted by Lizzy's amazing assistant, Jenn last year to make some swag for them.  Jenn also was kind enough to send me some e-books when she found out that I was a big reader.  Soon after that... well, a few weeks later since I was in the middle of the holiday rush I downloaded the books into my kindle and the rest is history.  I'm now officially a fan and have already read several of Lizzy's trilogies.

So far my favorite of favs is The Witchling Triology.  Along with many Lizzy Ford fans I'm highly anticipating the release of book 3... Winter Fire.  In the meantime I have a couple of prizes to giveaway.  You can only win once.  ;-)

1st Place: A Rhyn Trilogy paperback book and Lizzy Ford logo necklace handcrafted by Whimsical Charms (aka ME).

2nd Place: Book 1 & 2 of The Witchling Trilogy, Dark Summer & Autumn Storm with a themed bottle cap book thong featuring the new covers for the books. 

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